14th February 2023
JUMP TO: Santa Rosa / San Francisco

Celebrate our February 12 Year Anniversary by coming to this eclectic mix of wonderful shows all month long!

February 15-21st, 2023

– Masks are encouraged, but not required

Thursday, February 16th| Doors at 7:30 Show 8:15-10:30pm – SONGWRITING & STORIES

TLC Song Service w/ Sarah Larkin, Morrison Conway, & AutoMascot


TLC Song Service sets the stage for an intimate evening with three artists sharing the spotlight and insights into the craft of a song from inspiration to final form. This month brings Sarah ‘Songbird’ Larkin, a touring artist and co-founder of vocal harmony ensemble, The Real Sarahs, Morrison Conway, an innate storyteller and singer-songwriter known for his raspy, raw edged voice, and AutoMascot, a duo of bass player, vocalist, Susy Dugan and A. Fiddle-Hooper, a violinist, vocalist and director of SASY, Sonoma Alternative Symphony Orchestra.

Recommended if you like: The songwriting process

Friday, February 17th | Doors at 7:30 Show 8:15-10:30pm  FOLK/AMERICANA MUSIC

Alice Di Micele in Concert


Seasoned Americana singer-songwriter Alice DiMicele from Southern Oregon shares an intimate evening of heartfelt lyrics, deep acoustic groove, unique vocal style, and an unmistakable sound that is all her own.

Recommended if you like: Kate Wolf, Holly Near, Cheryl Wheeler, John McCutcheon

Saturday, February 18th | Doors at 7:30 Show 8:15-10:30pm  INDIE/FOLK/FUNK

Quattlebaum & Joshua James Jackson


Indie-folk artists, Quattlebaum (banjo picker and creator of both The Squattle and The Folk & Forage Festival) + Joshua James Jackson aka Triple J, bring their infectious smiles, weird antics, swampy grooves and odd meters.

Recommended if you like: something between Flatt & Scruggs and Caamp

Sunday, February 19th Matinée | Doors at 4:00pm Show 4:45-7:00pm  SONGWRITERS

4 x 4 x Song, the Original Sonoma County Songwriters in the Round


4 x 4 x Song, the​ ​​original Sonoma County songwriters-in-the-round ​series​ features Sebastian St. James, Doug Blumer, Megan Mclaughlin, and Nicole Sutton, sharing songs and delving into their creative process.

Recommended if you like: The Highway Poets, The Bohemian Highway, The Musers, Luvplanet, Songwriting and Songwriters

We’re offering full refunds for non-attendance or cancelations due to COVID exposure, so there is no risk in showing your support by getting advanced tickets.

The Lost Church Santa Rosa is located on Ross Street (between Mendocino & B) in Downtown Santa Rosa

Evening performances end at 10:30pm

(23-min from Petaluma, 40-min from San Rafael, 1 hr 6-min from San Francisco, 1 hr 9-min from Oakland)

Lindsay Gang at her TLC Santa Rosa show on January 27, 2023.

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Just Announced at The Lost Church


SUN 2/26 4pm Matinée. BenjaSoul “Live in Santa Rosa” SINGER-SONGWRITER/SOUL/R&B  – TIX

SAT 3/25 Jake Turner + Tika and the Moonshines INDIE POP/ROCK – TIX

February 15-21st, 2023

Thursday, February 16th and Friday, February 17th | Doors at 7:30pm Show 8:15-10:30pm – THEATER & COMEDY

Knights of Revery: Surreal Comic Dream Immersion (3rd Thurs & Fri)

TICKETS: Thursday, February 16th | Friday, February 17th

Valentine’s Day holiday special! Buy one ticket and bring your date for free! Because Sir Pomp and Sir Psycho are madly in love with you.

Enter the Realm of Dreams with the Knights of Revery, Sir Pomp and Sir Psycho, in this surreal, interactive, psychoactive, comedic immersion. Every night is unique, journeying between the realms of the conscious and unconscious, between fact and fiction, between here and now, between our creamy peanut butter and your smooth jelly. You will leave knowing more people than when you arrived, and perhaps more about yourself and the collective unconscious. 

Recommended if you like: Monty Python, The Mighty Boosh

Saturday, February 18th | Doors at 7:30pm Show 8:15-10:30pm – AMERICANA MUSIC

Deborah Crooks & Michael McNevin Birthday Show


Deborah Crooks imaginative and cinematic songwriting come to life in the debut of her bird-themed musical, Flight Lessons, born from her Chalk Hill Artist Residency in 2020. Award-winning songwriter, troubadour, Michael McNevin‘s songs read like short stories, full of heart, humor and a keen eye for detail. They join forces once again for their annual birthday show.

Recommended if you like: Lyle Lovett, Gillian Welch, Aimee Mann

In addition to hosting an eclectic mix of music, literary events, theater, comedy and a variety of performing arts, The Lost Church is also available for private event rental.

We’re offering full refunds for non-attendance or cancelations due to COVID exposure, so there is no risk in showing your support by getting advanced tickets.

The Lost Church San Francisco is located at 988 Columbus Avenue at Chestnut Street in North Beach

(26-min from Oakland, 33-min from San Rafael, 52-min from Vallejo, 1 hour and 6-min from Santa Rosa)

ADA Accessible.

The Vivants at TLC San Francisco from their February 10th show.

Just Announced at The Lost Church


FRI 3/9 You’re Going To Die: Poetry, Prose & Everything Goes with featured guest Brian Belknap GRIEF OPEN MIC – TIX

MON 3/13 phase 1: wave chamber collective + silvi alcivar EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC/POETRY – TIX


Seating is First Come, First Served.

All Ages are welcome

(Except for babies, children, and adults who may be disruptive.)

ADA Accessible.

We’re offering full refunds for non-attendance or cancelations due to COVID exposure, so there is no risk in showing your support by getting advanced tickets.

Attention Showtimes and more information

Our Current Safety Protocols

Vaccines, boosters, and masks are strongly encouraged, but are not required as per local Public Health Policy.

From The Lost Church Video Archives

Lola Guthrie from TLC Song Service at The Lost Church Santa Rosa on January 19, 2023

Lola Guthrie Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoxm…

Video by Eyeclash Ragazine

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From Your Everlovin’ Editor


Thanks for celebrating our 12th Anniversary with us last week! Let’s keep the party going throughout the month of February.

Fun Fact: Saturday Night spotlights two TLC Staff Members!

Triple J aka Joshua James Jackson, our Community Manager, returns to his hometown for a show at our Santa Rosa Theater with good pal Quattlebaum.

Deborah Crooks, a Host in SF, brings her new theatrical/musical piece Flight Lessons to TLC San Francisco and celebrates her Birthday (with birthday buddy Michael McNevin).

So much to celebrate.

We’re curious…

What is your favorite TLC memory from the last 12 years?


Michele & The Lost Church

Email us at hq@thelostchurch.org with your questions and comments, testimonials, rentals…and share your favorite memory!

48 Hills feature on

Knights of Revery


Knights of Revery in 48 Hills

48 Hills Article by Joshua Rotter.

Deciphering dreams is difficult.

So much so that historical figures like Joseph Campbell, Ibn Sirin, Edgar Cayce, and of course Papa Freud built reputations on making sense of others’ often-illogical mental imagery, ideas, and emotions occurring during sleep.

Over the last decade, the Knights of Revery have wowed audiences with their uncanny ability to demystify dreams.

Relying on quick wit, surreal storytelling, and crowd participation, the intrepid improv duo of Sir Pomp (Robert Wyald) and Sir Psycho (Brian Livingston) regularly aid attendees across the cryptic realm of the unconscious in their Knights of Revery: a Surreal, Comedic Dream Immersion.

Taking place every third Thursday and Friday through June 16 at North Beach’s The Lost Church, the pair’s playful and highly interactive production provides plenty of otherworldly excitement. (And heads up, lovers: A Valentine’s Week special means if you buy one ticket you can bring your date or friend for free Thu/16 and Fri/17.)

I spoke to Wyald and Livingston about developing their unique show, some of the wildest fantasies they’ve ever encountered, and how holding fast to dreams enables their artistic ambitions to fly.

48 HILLS How did you develop your surreal comedic dream immersion?

ROBERT WYALD: Back in 2011, my friend and fellow improviser Daniel Smith and I discovered we had great chemistry on stage, creating funny yet moving scenarios. We decided to create a two-person improv show, bringing our love of the absurd, surreal, and quirky, and also our desire to touch deeper, philosophical, and psychological places.

We both loved Knights of Revery, and the name sparked the vision for the content and structure of the show. From the word Revery, we knew we wanted to invite the audience into a dreamlike state. Browsing Wikipedia, I then serendipitously discovered the Jungian word psychopomp, defined as a spirit guide between the conscious and unconscious realms. Thus, Sir Psycho and Sir Pomp—the Knights of Revery—were born.

In 2012, Daniel decided to move on, and my friend and brilliant actor Brian Livingston came on and—though much of the ritual experience remains true to the original 2011 vision—Brian and I have been massaging the form of the immersive experience ever since.

48 HILLS How would you describe Sir Pomp and Sir Psycho? How are you similar to your characters? 

ROBERT WYALD Sir Pomp is quirky yet proper. He colors outside the lines, yet he is lovely and attentive to the audience—the constellation of dreamers. He wants to make sure everyone is having a good time. He’s an explorer of the unconscious. No question is too small; the smallest questions are usually the biggest to him. He emanates a sense of wonder and curiosity. He shows up at the right time in your dream to contribute the right quip, object, or task to help you expand and grow.

I share a good amount of overlapping qualities with Sir Pomp. I’m probably a bit less proper or formal in my day-to-day and less bumbling. The inquisitiveness of Sir Pomp is very much like me; that part of myself gets to come through in more bizarre and fun ways during the show. If anything, that’s the part of Sir Pomp that I’d want to bring more of back into myself and my regular, waking life.

BRIAN LIVINGSTON Sir Psycho, like me, is spontaneous; I, like him, believe in magic. He has a better ability to conjure his ideas from nothing, and I am habitually bound by the real and tangible.

In my daily life, I have aspirations and thoughts that are more esoteric and shamanic, which is where Sir Psycho lives continually. Also, he’s able to combine history, pop, and current events into cultural mash-ups, which I love. But in the real world, people don’t want to hear or care to understand my inner brain.

48 HILLS What do you expect of audience members coming to the show? 

ROBERT WYALD It’s less of an expectation and more of an invitation. I hope the audience comes with an openness to let themselves relax and enjoy. Since the Knights of Revery is a less traditional theater piece, we hope there is a willingness to be open to a new idea of entertainment and performance art.

We also hope that the audience will be inspired to participate because the joy that gets created is contagious and magical. What we want the audience to know, however, is that they can sit back and enjoy the show or they can dive in and co-create.

That’s also why we suggest the audience comes dressed in costume. It’s an immediate way for them to feel part of the experience and step outside themselves for an evening.

BRIAN LIVINGSTON A suspense of disbelief, attitude of participation, compassionate listening, honesty in sharing their dream worlds, and convivial attitude.

48 HILLS How do you balance the comedic and serious in the reenactment of dream scenarios? 


Knights of Revery 2 for 1 Valentines special

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